Why Organic

Certified fairtrade and organic (GOTS) knitted garments manufacturer and exporter

Why Organic?

  • Organic cotton is a natural and breathable fiber. Organic cotton is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, so there are no residues in the fabric when it gets to your nursery. That's good news, especially for soft and sensitive skin
  • Organic cotton instead has low environmental impact by replenishing and maintaining soil fertility, reducing the use of toxic agents, and building biologically diverse agriculture
  • Certified Organic Cotton uses only dyes which contain no heavy metals and use less water in the dyeing process. Clothing made from Organic Cotton is softer and free of formaldehyde, which is a chemical commonly used in the garment manufacturing industry
  • Recent climatic changes has made people realized that human impact on the environment will lead to unbearable living conditions. If we want to live in harmony with nature, we should urgently reduce any type of pollution and the use of chemicals.
  • Supporting the Organic Cotton Products helps to protect our children's future by reducing the levels of pollution in our planet.
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Quality Assurance

Quality is our hallmark and we believe in offering premium range of garments to our clients. In order to ensure quality of our garments we procure yarn and threads only from certified vendors of the country. We undertake several stringent checks such as fabric inspection, lab testing, Fit samples, Initial production check, on line checks & Final Random Inspection at various stages to ensure that the garments are free from any kinds of defects. Also we pass all the packed garments through needle detector to supply needle free garments

Our team of quality and testing experts closely scrutinize the complete manufacturing process to avoid any kind of defects in the garments. Before reaching the clients end our each product is individually tested on certain parameters such as fabric quality, stitch and finish so as to deliver a defectless garment to our clients.

Quality is our prime importance. We take special care in all stages of production and ensure that the quality of the product is not compromised. Our trained quality controllers are totally focusing on inspections from Yarn to Final product to make sure that the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) is correct to meet customer’s needs.

We also have a laboratory to test all the raw materials before they go in to production. We do all the basic tests like Weight of fabric (GSM), Dimensional Stability, Spirality, Appearance after wash, Color Fastness to Washing, Color Fastness to Rubbing, Cross Staining & Print Durability.

The various parameters on which we test our range are mentioned below:

  • Weight of fabric (GSM)
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Spirality
  • Appearance after wash
  • Color Fastness to Washing
  • Color Fastness to Rubbing
  • Cross Staining
  • Print Durability
  • Color matching cabinet with D65, TL84 UV, CWF light sources
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